What Little Girls Are Made Of is a Tales From the Farthest Star short story that focuses on Terri Letac.


Terri Renu has tried for years to find out about her Bajoran heritage with no success. With the official channels useless she gains help from an unexpected source.

Background information

  • Originally this was the second story in the "The Verdict of History" anthology prior to the rebooting of the continuity. It was originally released on the 5th of June, 2008.
  • This story was the first piece to name Terri Letac's adoptive and biological parents.



DutainLetac, GigiLetac, MarrusLetac, TerriLetac, VariRenu, TerriRenu, HaleyRenu, Mark


ApartmentBajorFederation-Cardassian borderGale RidgeHathonJalanda Citykitchenlabour campNew SeattlePenthara IVrefugee camp

Starships and vehicles

Ambassador-classfreighterCDS JavokPyhapstanUSS HammarskjöldTonga-class

Races and cultures


States and organisations

Bajoran ResistanceCardassian Central CommandCardassian GuardFederation News ServicegangObsidian OrderpoliceSeventh FleetStarfleet


234423562359adoptionassaultbreadcouchcupboardcurrencydistress callDNADrug dealerFederation-Cardassian borderFederation-Cardassian WarFederation creditinformation brokerjamjam sandwichkanarlatinummoneymuggedOccupation of Bajorphaserpower packprivate investigatorreligionsafesandwichsheepsmugglingstunnersugartoastwolf

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