The USS Defiant (NX-74205) was the prototype of the Defiant-class heavy escort that saw service during the 24th century.

The Defiant was designed to combat the Borg but issues during its test flights saw the prototype shelved. Pavlo Celcho and Benjamin Sisko were involved in the project during its construction and design at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. (DS9: "The Search, Part I")

Following first contact with the Dominion Sisko was given the Defiant to supplement the defences of Deep Space 9. Miles O'Brien was able to work out many of the issues that plagued the vessel. It was also equipped with a loaned Romulan cloaking device. (DS9: "The Search, Part I")

The Defiant entered the Gamma Quadrant on a mission to make contact with the Founders. During the mission it was captured by Dominion forces. They later released the ship and the crew and they returned back to the Alpha Quadrant. (DS9: "The Search, Part I", "The Search, Part II")

The Defiant rescued the Cardassian Detapa Council in early-2372 from been captured by Klingon forces. It retreated back to Deep Space 9 leading to the Klingon attack on the station. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

After discovering evidence of Vice Admiral James Leyton's duplicity and his attempt to launch a coup against the Federation government the Defiant travelled to Earth to present the evidence to the Federation President. It was intercepted by the USS Lakota, whose crew were told that the ship was under the control of the Founders. Despite the Lakota attacking first and Commander Worf's reluctance to fire on another Federation starship the Defiant was able to force the Lakota to stand down. (DS9: "Paradise Lost")

Following the Dominion's entry into the Alpha Quadrant a Changeling infiltrator posing as Julian Bashir attempted to destroy the Bajoran sun but was intercepted by the Defiant. (DS9: "By Inferno's Light")

In late-2373, the Defiant laid a minefield at the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole cutting off the Dominion in the Alpha Quadrant from their main support base in the Gamma Quadrant. (DS9: "Call to Arms")

The Defiant led the Federation fleet during Operation Return. After the arrival of the Klingon Twelfth Battle Group the Defiant managed to break through the enemy lines. It arrived at Deep Space 9 just in time to see the minefield be destroyed. Captain Sisko took the Defaint into the wormhole where he managed to convince the Prophets to intervene. Sisko then took the Defiant and attacked Deep Space 9, whose weapons' had been disabled and the Dominion evacuated the station. (DS9: "Favors the Body", "Sacrifice of Angels")

USS Defiant destroyed

The destruction of the USS Defiant during the Second Battle of Chin'toka.

The Defiant participated in the First Battle of Chin'toka where it played a critical role in destroying the powerplant that powered the orbital weapon platforms, disabling them and allowing the system to fall to the Federation Alliance. (DS9: "Tears of the Prophets")

The Defiant met its end during the Second Battle of Chin'toka. Disabled by the Breen energy dissapator it was bombarded by Breen warships before the ship finally exploded. (DS9: "Changing Face of Evil")

The USS São Paulo was later renamed Defiant in honour of the prototype. (DS9: "The Dogs of War")

Alternate Defiants

In an alternate universe, the Defiant was destroyed by the Dominion within the Bajoran wormhole with all hand during Operation Return. (Star Trek: The Farthest Star: "The Final Prophecy")

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