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The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon (DWS) is a Last Unicorn Games roleplaying game sourcebook written by Steven Long. It was meant to be published in 2001, but when LUG was bought by Wizards of the Coast, Paramount Pictures ended their licensing deal and awarded the RPG license to Decipher. Consequently, The Fires of Armageddon was never put into print, but it was released by Long for free on the Internet.

DWS and Swiftfire

The Dominion War Sourcebook has had a significant impact on Swiftfire since it was discovered by the author in 2001 or 2002. Many of the aspects of the books have since been incorporated into the series. Of major consequence was the organisation of the military forces in the sourcebook has been nearly entirely incorporated into the series. The only really exception is the size of Starfleet fleets in both are different. In Swiftfire the early stories set the Fifth Fleet to be around 500 - 600 starships strong, while the sourcebooks has fleets between 100 - 200. Also fighter wings in the sourcebook are much smaller and are basically the equivalent of a squadron in Swiftfire, whereas a fighter wing in Swiftfire is comprised of a number of squadrons.

The timeline and events of the sourcebooks have also been incorporated into Swiftfire. Several battles that originated from the sourcebook have appeared in Swiftfire and other events in the sourcebook have inspired events in Star Trek: Swiftfire. However, the entirety of the timeline in the sourcebook is not included in Swiftfire as there are sections that don't gel with the continuity of Swiftfire.

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