For other meanings of "Swiftfire", please see Swiftfire (disambiguation).

Swiftfire (SWF), formerly known as Star Trek: Swiftfire is a Star Trek: The Farthest Star series based around the adventures of the starship USS Swiftfire.

Originally the first story of Swiftfire was the "The Darkness Within". With the rewrite a new story will start the series.


Title Stardate Synopsis
Swiftfire titles01
"Feeling the Heat"
46445.01 (2369) The USS Swiftfire is assisting a Federation colony when the colony is attacked by slavers.
Swiftfire titles01
"The Darkness Within"
Unknown (2372) The USS Swiftfire is part of the task force that reinforces Deep Space 9 after the Klingon Empire attacks the station. The crew find themselves having to face a renewed Klingon threat along the Federation-Cardassian border.

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