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Welcome to the Star Trek: The Farthest Star Wiki
A wiki encyclopaedia dedicated to the Star Trek fan fiction series Star Trek: The Farthest Star. Here you'll find information on all the characters, places, ships and events that have featured in Star Trek: The Farthest Star.
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Final prophecy final

The Final Prophecy

Jake Sisko has long been haunted by nightmares connected to his father's "joining the Prophets". However, as the twentieth anniversary of that day approaches Jake's dream become much more and he is set on the path of prophecy and change with the fate of an entire people in his hands.



Tales from TFS

Tales From the Farthest Star

"What Little Girls Are Made Of": Terri Renu gets help from an unexpected source in her search for information on her past. more...

The information on this wiki is specific to the Star Trek: The Farthest Star fan fiction universe and melds canon, non-canon, and fanon information. The information here does not have any impact on Star Trek canon.

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