Star Trek: The Farthest Star (TFS) is a Star Trek-based fan fiction series. It is primarily based with the 24th century, though there are plans for tales earlier and later in the timeline.


The Farthest Star originally started out as Star Trek: Swiftfire, a fanfic that was focused on the crew of the USS Swiftfire-A during the Dominion War. TFS was created as a title under which non-Swiftfire based fiction would reside. In 2014 plans were made to make Swiftfire a sub-series of TFS and in late 2015 this move was made along with a resetting of the series continuity.


Swiftfire was originally organised into numbered seasons, each with 10 episodes. There were also a number of "special" episodes, which are set in the same continuity but are not included within the seasons. These stories are written to further expand the universe Swiftfire inhabited by focusing on not just the main characters but also some of the minor characters.

With the reorganisation into TFS the idea of 'seasons' was dropped along with story numbering. Instead some stories would be labelled under sub-series titles. Currently there are only two planned sub-series:Swiftfire, which would be a complete rewrite of Star Trek: Swiftfire, and Spectrum, which would cover alternate universe tales.

Series continuity

Star Trek: The Farthest Star continuity includes a range of sources from canon, non-canon to fanon material.

Due to the flexible nature of fan fiction the continuity is far more malleable. Any conflicts or changes needed can be edited in as needed. This was often done in Star Trek: Swiftfire to fix continuity errors or to change the direction of certain aspects.


All of Star Trek canon is part of Swiftfire and includes all five series and twelve movies.

Primarily TFS will focus on the Prime Universe, or the pre-JJ reboot Trek. This means that the for the most part the reboot films have little bearing on the series, though if any pieces were to be written in the JJ-verse they would attempt to maintain consistence with the canon set in that reality.

The new series in 2017 is on the 'wait and see' list as to whether it will have any impact on this series.


Non-canon refers to licensed and official works that have been produced over the years and includes novels, comics, and games. Certain elements from non-canon works (eg Andorian gender, Hazard suits, etc) are included however no non-canon work has yet to be included in its entirety into the series' continuity.

The series has also been heavily influenced by the unofficial RPG works by Steven Long, particularly The Dominion War Sourcebook. His Ship Recognition Manuals have also become the source for many ship classes and statistics used in the series.


Fanon material refers to fan created material such as fan fiction. Currently no other fanon source is considered to be part of TFS continuity.

Swiftfire was involved in a crossover with other fan fiction series as part of Star Trek: Unity. However, due to the resetting of TFS continuity (and therefore SWF continuity) the Unity pieces are considered to be AUs. This is done so that TFS is not beholden to what occurred in Unity. It is hoped that in the future rewrites of the Unity pieces may be done to include the events back into the main TFS continuity.

Due to the nature of fan fiction it is impossible to prevent someone from using material from TFS without consultation from TFS's writer. Any mention of characters, places, objects and events from TFS outside Unity are likely to be done without the permission or involvement of TFS. These are not considered part of TFS continuity, though TFS is open to collaboration with other writers.


Title Stardate Synopsis
Tales from TFS
52516.43 (2375) The Harbinger sees a future that cannot be allowed to occur and with only one way to stop it - the death of one man.
Tales from TFS
2372 Rex Callan arrives on a backwater planet to meet a contact.
Tales from TFS
2360-2361 Aimee Wessling tells her parents of her desire to join Starfleet.
Tales from TFS
"What Little Girls Are Made Of"
2359 Terri Renu gets help from an unexpected source in her search for information on her past.
Tales from TFS
"Chariots of Korvat"
2373 Maxine Benton is part of the force scrambled to the Korvat system to secure and hold the system after it is invaded by the Klingon Empire.
Tales from TFS
"No Refunds"
unknown Letum is bleeding to death and is faced with the greatest fear of any Ferengi: having to refund a fee.


Title Stardate Synopsis
Swiftfire titles01
"Feeling the Heat"
46445.01 (2369) The USS Swiftfire is assisting a Federation colony when the colony is attacked by slavers.
Swiftfire titles01
"The Darkness Within"
Unknown (2372) The USS Swiftfire is part of the task force that reinforces Deep Space 9 after the Klingon Empire attacks the station. The crew find themselves having to face a renewed Klingon threat along the Federation-Cardassian border.


The Spectrum series is the subtitle for any TFS piece that takes place outside the main TFS continuity.

Title Stardate Synopsis
Final prophecy final
"The Final Prophecy"
Unknown (2394) In an alternate universe where the Dominion won the Dominion War Jake Sisko finds himself on a path of prophecy and destiny.
Tales from TFS
"A New Path"
Unknown (2376) In an alternate universe Terri Letac finds a new direction in her life after the fall of the Federation.

Star Trek: Unity

Swiftfire participated in the Star Trek: Unity project to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Star Trek in 2001. A crossover that involved several other fan fics, Swiftfire contributed two stories to the project.

Currently due to the major rewrite of Swiftfire these stories in their current form are considered to take place in an alternate universe.

Title Stardate Synopsis
Unity banner
"The True"
Unknown (2374) While on a mission inside the Badlands the USS Swiftfire-A is attacked by three Vendoth warships. Outnumbered, outgunned and on the run the Swiftfire's situation looks grim but unknown to the crew there are two other beings that are on their side and willing to help.
Unity banner
"United We Stand"
Unknown (2376) The USS Swiftfire-A joins the Federation forces in the Sol system as the Vendoth armada approaches for the final and crucial battle of the conflict.

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