Star Trek: Swiftfire (SWF) is a Star Trek-based fan fiction series set in the 24th century during the TNG era, centred around the adventures of the USS Swiftfire-A.


The genesis of the Star Trek: Swiftfire can be traced back to 1999 as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was completing its run. Star Trek: Swiftfire was born out of the author's wish to further explore the Dominion War.

The series was born in 1999 with the writing of "The Darkness Within". "The Darkness Within" (TDW) was written to introduce the character who would be my starship captain in the seasons proper. In 2000, the first parts of TDW were released online on a website dedicated to the series. Originally, TDW was to be lead directly into the first season but an additional story titled, "Vengeance" was written in 2000. The first season of Star Trek: Swiftfire in the end did not start until 2001, nearly two years after the original idea was conceived and just over a year since the story went online.

Over time the series has had a number of different free webhosts before moving to it own domain in 2010.

In July 2013, a year after the last release, the author announced that the series would continue to be on a hiatus until at least the end of 2013 with no new material to be released within this period.

In late 2013, the author stated Swiftfire would continue and he would return to working on it in 2014.

On July 7, 2014, it was announced on the The Farthest Star blog that Star Trek: Swiftfire would be combined with Star Trek: The Farthest Star and take on the latter's title.[1]

The History page on the Star Trek: Swiftfire website has a more detailed account of the history of the series


The series is organised into numbered seasons, each with 10 episodes. Currently the series is into its third season.

There are also a number of "special" episodes, which are set in the same continuity but are not included within the seasons. These stories are written to further expand the universe Swiftfire inhabits by focusing on not just the main characters but also some of the minor characters.

The series will be reorganised when it changes to The Farthest Star. The season format will no longer be used and some special episodes will be retagged as The Farthest Star.

Series continuity

Star Trek: Swiftfire continuity includes a range of sources from canon, non-canon to fanon material.

The series' continuity is far more flexible in terms of dealing with conflicts and changes can be made fairly easily. Over the years many changes, both minor and major, have been made after the fact. It has resulted in multiple versions of the same tale existing, in these cases the most recent version is always considered to be the "canon" version.


All of Star Trek canon is part of Swiftfire and includes all five series and eleven movies.

Given 99% of Star Trek takes place in an alternate timeline those sections are not within the series timeline. However, the 1% that can exist outside the new timeline would be in the series continuity, such the destruction of Romulus in 2387, if the series makes it to that time frame.


Non-canon refers to licensed and official works that have been produced over the years and includes novels, comics, and games. Certain elements from non-canon works (eg Andorian gender, Hazard suits, etc) are included however no non-canon work has yet to be included in its entirety into the series' continuity.

The series has also been heavily influenced by the unofficial RPG works by Steven Long, particularly The Dominion War Sourcebook. His Ship Recognition Manuals have also become the source for many ship classes and statistics used in the series.


Fanon material is basically all other material such as fan fiction. No fan works by any other author are considered to be part of Swiftfire continuity, even if they mention ships, places or characters created for this series.

Star Trek: The Farthest Star is a spin-off of Swiftfire by the same author and in part of Swiftfire continuity. It aims to explore the universe created by Swiftfire from the point-of-view beyond just the USS Swiftfire. Any alternate universe stories would be the exception.


Swiftfire has been involved in a crossover with other fan fiction series as part of Star Trek: Unity.

Broadly, Star Trek: Unity is part of Swiftfire continuity. However, this does not mean that the continuities from the fan fiction series involved are part of Star Trek: Swiftfire or that SWF is part of their continuities outside of the crossover. This means there are likely to be continuity conflicts even in the Unity stories by the other authors. Where this happens the information from SWF should be considered the "correct" version.

Main characters

As with many other fan fictions and RPGs Swiftfire makes use of photomanipulations of celebrities to represent characters. This information is present on the image pages.

Episode guide

Pre-season one

The following two stories were the first two stories written under the Star Trek: Swiftfire banner. They are reasonably important due to them introducing characters and certain plot points.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
"The Darkness Within"
Unknown (2372) Set before the beginning of season 1, Jonathan Masters is still a commander and serving as first officer of the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125), which is dispatched to reinforce Deep Space 9 during the Klingon attack on Deep Space 9. Masters faces off against the renewed Klingon threat unaware of a much more dangerous threat from within Starfleet.
50762.2 (2373) Captain Jonathan Masters and the just commissioned USS Swiftfire-A are tasked with their first mission, hunt down a rogue Starfleet officer attacking the re-allied Klingons.

Season One

Main article: season 1

The USS Swiftfire-A finishes its shakedown cruise to learn that the United Federation of Planets and the Dominion are at war. The ship is assigned to the Fifth Fleet and sent to the front lines. The Swiftfire and the fleet suffer loses and victories as the first six month of the Dominion War is fought.

Season Two

Main article: season 2

Refreshed after their brief break from the front lines the crew of the USS Swiftfire-A join Task Force 59. They continue their fight against the forces of the Dominion and other enemies of the Federation. The crew also have their first encounter with the being known as Q and Masters finds out about Section 214C.

Season Three

Main article: season 3

The crew continue to battle against the Dominion as part of Task Force 59. In the final year of the Dominion War some of the most shocking events are about to happen.

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These are stories that have been written outside the normal run of the seasons. Some are pieces to expand the universe and backstories of characters while others are part of other fan fiction projects. All, with the exception of the alternate universe stories, occur within the series continuity.


A number of drabbles have been written for the series. They are in order of when they were made available online from oldest to most recent.

Star Trek: Unity

Star Trek: Swiftfire participated in the Star Trek: Unity project to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Star Trek. A crossover that involved several other fan fics, Swiftfire contributed two stories to the project.

Title Stardate Synopsis
Unity banner
"The True"
Unknown (2374) While on a mission inside the Badlands the USS Swiftfire-A is attacked by three Vendoth warships. Outnumbered, outgunned and on the run the Swiftfire's situation looks grim but unknown to the crew there are two other beings that are on their side and willing to help.
Unity banner
"United We Stand"
Unknown (2376) The USS Swiftfire-A joins the Federation forces in the Sol system as the Vendoth armada approaches for the final and crucial battle of the conflict.
Planned Titles and outlines are subject to change
Unity banner
"Divided We Fall"
Unknown (2376) This story is being written to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Star Trek: Unity crossover (and therefore the 45th anniversary of Star Trek). Set directly after "United We Stand" it will be an aftermath story.


Title Stardate Synopsis
"The Verdict of History"
Various The "Verdict of History" is a collection of eight short stories (the first and last being one story split into separate parts) based within the Swiftfire continuity focusing on various characters. Included are stories on Maxine Benton, Jase Collins, Jasis, Hadris, Terri Letac, Jonathan Masters and Yel'tar.
"The Burden of Knowing"
2374 Rachel Daley awakes in a medical centre after suffering a serious injury to find her memories lacking. As she regains her past she faces the harsh realities of her life. This sets her on a path to find the one thing that might offer her solace.

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