No Refunds is the eighth story in the Tales From the Farthest Star anthology. The story was rewritten as a response to Weekly Free Write #12 on the Ad Astra forums. The prompt was to start the story with a variation of the sentence "I thought I was going to die, but I was afraid I might not".


Letum is bleeding to death and is faced with the greatest fear of any Ferengi: having to refund a fee.

Background information

  • The story was released on both the The Farthest Star blog and the The Farthest Star website.
  • While no date is given for this piece it is currently considered that it probably takes place in late-2360s or early 2370s.


AnticanassassindisruptorDivine TreasuryEliminatorFerengiFerengi Commerce AuthorityHumanlatinumLetumRed BlurpiratedisruptorshuttleVault of Eternal Destitution

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