Initiation is a story in the Tales From the Farthest Star anthology. The story was rewritten as a response to Weekly Free Write #8 on the Ad Astra forums. The prompt was to use the theme of "first day".


Rex Callan arrives on a backwater planet to meet a contact.


alcoholbarbartenderCallan, RexCardassian UnionchairDemilitarised ZonefreighterhologramHumanimpact craterKlingon-Cardassian WarKlingon Empirelanding areaMaquispersonal stunnerphaserPatol, Brendanport masterSam (bartender)Sam's barShillings CratershuttlecraftspaceportStarfleettableTavvis IITavvis systemtramp freighterwhiskey

Background information

  • The story was released on both the The Farthest Star blog and the The Farthest Star website.
  • While not explicitly stated Callan's mention of the "recent" invasion between the Klingons and Cardassians is meant to place this story within a few months of the episode "The Way of the Warrior".

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