Dissension is a story in the Tales From the Farthest Star anthology. The story was written as a response to Weekly Free Write #2 on the Ad Astra forums. The prompt was to start the story with the sentence "I won't let you do it".


Aimee Wessling tells her parents she wants to join Starfleet.


2332235823602361CemeteryDeathgraveheadstonememorial serviceSan FranciscoStarfleetStarfleet AcademyWessling, AimeeWessling, BruceWessling, GaryWessling, Julie

Background information

  • The story was initially released on the The Farthest Star blog on 30th August, 2014.
  • Written before the reboot it was not initially part of the new continuity. It received minor changes before rejoining the series' continuity.

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