Chariots of Korvat is a Tales From the Farthest Star novelette that focuses on Maxine Benton.


Maxine Benton is part of the force scrambled to the Korvat system to secure and hold the system after it is invaded by the Klingon Empire.

Background information

  • Originally this was the second story in the "The Verdict of History" anthology prior to the rebooting of the continuity. It was originally released on the 3rd of September, 2008. It was rewritten to fit the new continuity.



Benton, MaxineCalifaeDorlangGortanMasters, JonathanSh'AyanOnasi, BindoTauryl


Archanis sectorBelis IVbriefing roomcolonyFederation-Klingon borderKorvatKorvat IIIKorvat systemMarssectorshuttlebaySol systemstar systemStation HeliosUtopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Starships and vehicles

Ambassador-classUSS Andrew FisherUSS Ardentassault cruiserassault shipattack fighterB'rel-classbird-of-preyCanberra-classcarrierCheyenne-classCentaur-classcruiserCurry-classDagger-classEl Dorado-classescortfast cruiserGrendoq-classK't'inga-classheavy cruiserUSS Kingsford SmithK'vort-classUSS Kwaiolight cruiserlight frigateUSS Lu'gharaUSS MandelaUSS MorisotUSS MusashiNiagara-classPeregrine-classPredator-classRaptor-classRenaissance-classUSS RocheUSS RutledgeSabre-classscoutshuttlecraftSteamrunner-classSuQ'Jagh-classUSS Tecumsehtroop transportUkora-classvehicleUSS VinnufossenVor'cha-classWambundu-classwarshipYeager-class

Races and cultures

AndorianBetazoidHumanKlingonKlingon EmpireTellariteUnited Federation of Planets

States and organisations

3rd Cruiser Wing24th Tactical Wing101st Fighter Wing137th Tactical Wing260th Fighter WingBanshee Squadronbattalionbattle groupFederation Councilfighter wingfleetForge SquadronGalloping Greens SquadronHaven SquadronKlingon Defence ForceKlingon Second Battle GroupKlingon Third Battle GroupKlingon Fourth Battle GroupKlingon Sixth Battle GroupOvercome SquadronPuma SquadronRoulette SquadronStarfleet Eleventh FleetStarfleet Fourteenth FleetStarfleet Seventeenth FleetStarfleet Twentieth FleetStarfleet CommandStarfleet Ground ForcesStarfleet IntelligenceStarfleet Starfighter CommandStarfleet Starfighter Corpstactical wingTullanic Squadronwing


attack patternBattle of Korvatbridgeceasefirecloaking devicedeflector shielddisruptoremergency transponderFederation-Klingon War (2372-2373)flightflight suitgravitic sensor netimpulse enginelieutenant commandermicro-torpedo launcherOvercome LeaderOvercome TwoOvercome FiveOvercome SixOvercome SevenOvercome EightOvercome Ninephaserphoton torpedopilotplanetary invasionprobeRoulette Leadersensorsquadron leadertachyon detection gridtransporterwing commanderwingmate

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