A New Path is a story in the Tales From the Farthest Star anthology. The story was written as a response to Weekly Free Write #4 on the Ad Astra forums. The prompt was to start the story with the sentence "This was the last place in the universe s/he wanted to be".

Originally this was the fourth piece of "Tales". After the reboot of the series' continuity it was the only old piece ("Ripples" being the piece that rebooted the series) to remain from "Tales". This was due to it taking place in an alternate universe from the main series continuity.


An alternate universe Terri Letac finds a new lease on life.


2376BajorBajoranBajoran ResistancecemeterycombadgeDominionDominion WarEdwin, FrankFederationgravegrave markerHilirat MonasteryJem'HadarKlingonKlingon EmpireLetac, TerriorbPemka, TanosProphetsUSS Swiftfire-AtrowelVedek

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